Super but Natural

Everyone undergoes changes, changes that could change their ways, behaviour, sense of reasoning and the physical and spiritual texture. Maybe becoming super but natural.
Bright, a 17-year old boy, who’s father was a pastor but later got transferred to a remote village(but the village got quick and nice access to the city) still yet, a local village which was a great mystery. Osa-Chi was the name of the village.
People say, that the village was once home of mighty spiritual beings which was physical in state.
These beings were created by the Almighty One that sits on the throne. They were given the powers to control all natural things that took place on earth.
They were as followed;
Hephaestus – God of Fire and Forge. He alone controls all heat substances, thereby making air hot and in due process causing flames.
Anemoi – God of Wind. As the title implied(The Wind). He is the fastest god ever lived, with the power to control the atmosphere, creating mighty winds like the tornado and especially the creating his own spiritual agents(The Dust Devils). He alone can destroy the earth in a matter of seconds.
Terminus – God of Stone. The strongest, his strength was admired by all. His muscles are as solid as rock. He alone gave the earth it’s shape by moulding it with his bare hands which gave support to all mankind.
Perun – God of Lightning. People say he barely talk but once he spoke, the whole earth vibrates, giving the earth calmness and justice. He alone rule other gods with his anger and might. Commander of all living beings(both spiritual and physical). He is also called Zeus by the Greek.
Amphitrite – Goddess of The Ocean. Wife to Poseidon(God and Ruler of The Ocean). She once left her husband at the mighty dwell in the beautiful river of Osa-Chi. With her kind heart, she took care of the living creatures on the river. She was also and was said to be one of the fastest being on water producing deadly waves that could destroy mankind.
People of Osa-Chi were Christians with just a large church for worship but still, they never ease to worship those gods who’s powers were left hanging in the atmosphere of Osa-Chi.
Prophets once said that those powers once dwell on mankind to control the earth balance on The Day of Creation marking every one million years. Osa-Chian called that day Cretze.
At that same time in which Bright family relocated to Osa-Chi, Cretze was fast approaching with the people waiting for the Chosen Ones.
And that day marked a new beginning for the Chosen Ones, who were Super In Might but Natural In State.
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