Super but Natural – Episode 4

Bright’s POV

After the prayer, I was kinda hungry so I rushed down to the kitchen to see if there was any stuff to eat and to my greatest surprise there was. Everywhere was filled with lots of goodies, I couldn’t even imagine that a place like this could be found on this remote village.

It was seriously a big mystery, everything here is a mystery but I couldn’t just stop thinking of food as I took a pack of noodles to prepare.



James could be seen sitting on a sofa with a stool placed close to him. He was busily browsing through some of the church’s important documents with sheet of papers littered everywhere.

Suddenly, the door bell rang with it’s jingles filling the whole sitting room. James hurried up trying to put the place in order as he rushed to see who was at doorstep.

James: Wow! Elder Sam, please come inside.

Samuel: Good evening pastor.

James: Evening, I’m very sure these are your wife and daughter.

Judith & Cynthia: Good evening sir.

James: Evening, I thought you guys weren’t gonna visit us tonight.

Judith: Why won’t we? We can’t miss that. Please sir, where’s mummy?

James: Ooh! She’s in her room. Let me call her.

Judith: Okay sir.

James: (shouting) Jane! Jane!! Honey!!!

Jane: (from a distance) Yes darling.

James: Elder Sam’s family are here.

Jane: Woah! I’m on my way coming.

James: Please feel comfortable while she comes. And what can I offer you?

Samuel: Nothing sir, we are very much okay.

James: No way, you are not okay. You can’t come to your house without taking anything cause this house belongs to everyone here and out there.

Samuel: (smiles) Okay sir, Eva wine will be okay.

James: Now you are talking. Just give me a sec.

Samuel: Pastor, where are the boys.

James: (at the bar) Those boys? Bright is in the kitchen cooking while Chris won’t just come out from his room.

(Jane finally came down and walked towards them with a broad smile on her face)

Jane: Good evening my sweet people.

Cynthia: (smiles) Good evening ma’am.

Jane: How are you doing sweetheart?

Cynthia: Fine ma’am.

Samuel & Judith: Good evening mummy.

Jane: Husband and wife, good evening. “How una dey?”

Judith: (shocked) Fine ma’am.

Cynthia: (to Judith) Mummy, I like our pastor’s wife.

Jane: Aww! And I love you too honey. What’s your name dear?

Cynthia: Cynthia.

Jane: Sweet name for a sweet girl like you.(to James) Where are those boys?

James: Bright is the kitchen cooking and Chris in his room.

Jane: And they haven’t come to greet them.(to Cynthia) Please honey, can you call Bright for me? He is in the kitchen.

Cynthia: Okay ma’am.

Jane: Let me go and call Chris.(to Sam & Judith) Please make yourself comfortable while I go upstairs to call Chris.

Judith: Okay ma’am.


It was a large and modern one. Everywhere was just okay with Bright, who was eating. Cynthia slowly open the door while peeping, trying to see if anyone was inside before entering.

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Bright noticed instantly that there was someone over there.

Bright: Hello! Mom!

Cynthia: No, it’s me Cynthia.(she came inside)

Bright: (surprised) Cynthia! Let me guess, Elder Sam’s daughter, right?

Cynthia: (smiles) Yeah! How did you know?

Bright: Well I just put few things together. Him, that’s your dad telling us you guys were going to come here tonight, with the door bell and the joyful sound in the sitting room.

Cynthia: So, you knew all these while we were here?

Bright: Hmm! Yes.

Cynthia: And you didn’t bother to hi to us.

Bright: It’s not like that, I just couldn’t let my noodles get burnt and I’m a bit hungry here.

Cynthia: Hmm!

Bright: I’m sorry..

Cynthia: It’s okay. I’m Cynthia by name but you can call me C.y. for short.

Bright: Sweet name you got there. I’m Bright, so C.y. would you mind joining me to finish this food cause it’s too much for only me to finish.

Cynthia: No way, finish it yourself. Shey it’s because of it you failed to greet us earlier abi?

Bright: I thought you’ve forgiven me naa..

Cynthia: I have.

Bright: But as my friend, you ought to help me out.

Cynthia: Your friend?

Bright: Yes.. My friend, my one and only friend.
Cynthia: (giggled) You are trying to sweet talk me to eat with you abi?

Bright: I’m not trying, I’m wishing. Please eat with me naa..

Cynthia: Okay, okay, okay.. but I won’t eat much.

Bright: No problem. Here’s a fork.

Cynthia: (eating) Hmm! Who cooked this food?

Bright: Who’s with you in this kitchen?
Cynthia: Hmm! You tried..

Bright: I tried, do you like it?

Cynthia: Kind of.

Bright: Okay ooh..

Cynthia: (giggled)


The room was very lively with laughter everywhere. Jane walking down the stairs with Christian, who was at her back following her.

James: So, you mean the people in this church are more than 300?

Christian: Good evening sir, good evening ma’am.

Samuel & Judith: Good evening.

Samuel: How are you doing Chris?

Christian: I’m doing great sir.(he walked to take his seat)

Jane: Where’s Bright and Cynthia?

Bright & Cynthia: We are here.

(Both could be seen laughing and talking)

Jane: (smiles) So, you’ve made a new friend, Bright?

Bright: Sure I did.(to Samuel & Judith) Good evening mummy C.y. and daddy C.y.

Judith: (smiles) Good evening son. How are you doing?

Bright: I’m doing okay and happy too.

Judith: Wow! That’s nice. Hope Cynthia didn’t give you a hard time..

Bright: Naah! She was fun to be with, though she was a troublemaker but she had to cool down when she met the boss.

Cynthia: Huh! You said what?

Everyone: (laughing)

James: Elder Sam, about this place. I wa..(cut short)

Samuel: You weren’t expecting this. The large church and all that, you thought it was going to be a small church?

James: Yes.

Samuel: Well, that’s just a little mystery about this place. People outside this village think this church will be a rough and small one due to our remote area but it was once like that as those in charge of transferring pastors to various stations started sending junior pastors and those they wanted to punish here. After some time, things started changing when people in my status and those above began settling here.
As the only church in this village, they worshipped here plus the story associated with the church, we decided to change everything and that’s how this church became what it is today but we just couldn’t let those outside know about this changes cause we saw it as a good means to be helping those junior pastors out in anyway we can. We begged them also not to expose our secret which they did cause more and more junior pastors were transferred here. Please sir, can you help us in keeping this our little secret?

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James: Little secret, this is huge but I will be glad to keep this great secret of yours. Do you know why I was transferred here?

Samuel: No sir.

James: Jealously and envy. My seniors were all jealous due to my progress while I was still in my former station. They connived with each other just to make sure I was transferred from that station and they brought me here as my punishment for my good deeds and progress. And I’m happy for this transfer cause I will be having peace of mind as for now else forth. I guess this is God’s way of paying me back. So, your secrets are safe with me.

Samuel: Thank you sir.

Judith: Thanks to those people I’ve met a lovely woman here.(to Jane)

Jane: Aww! That’s so sweet of you.

Samuel: Yeah! I think we need to start heading home cause I’m sure Cynthia must be hungry and too shy to say it in the midst of you all especially her trouble mate.

Cynthia: No dad, I’m not hungry. I ate noodles.

Judith: (surprised) Where?

Cynthia: In the kitchen with Bright. He politely asked me to join him plus he was the one who cooked it.

Judith: Bright, you cook?

Bright: Heh! I’m still learning shha…

Jane: Bright that will never leave the kitchen when I’m cooking.

Christian: Cooking noodles isn’t a big deal naa, why making it like he cooked some Chinese food.

Cynthia: (to Chris) You are forgetting something here. Noodles is a Chinese food also.

Christian: (eyes opened wide) Yes I know, I meant the…(cut short)

James: Chris!! That’s okay.

Samuel: Okay pastor, we will be on our way.(standing up)

James: Okay Sam, thanks for the visit and I wish you safe journey home.

Samuel: Amen! Cynthia!! Let’s start going home.

Cynthia: Okay daddy. Good night Bright or Briti. That’s your nickname for now.

Bright: Huh! Britii..

Everyone: (laughs)

Jane: I love the name, Britii..

Bright: Mom..!

Cynthia: (giggled) Good night mummy.

Jane: Good night sweetheart.

Samuel & Judith: Good night.

James family: Good night.

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(Sam and his family left)

James: Chris, don’t you ever tried that nonsense in the presence of people. I can tolerate your disrespectful manner privately but not in public. I might not be the one who trained to this level but I’m still your father.

Christian: (chuckled) The one who brought me to live and abandoned me after my mother died. I’m going upstairs, I just can’t stand this.(leaving)

James: Chris!! Are you walking out of me?

Jane: Honey, that’s okay. Let him be for now.

James: (sighed) Bright!

Bright: Yes dad.

James: Please help me in arranging those papers and also the lights before going to bedroom.

Bright: Sure will. Good night mom, good night dad.

James & Jane: Good night son.


The main door opened with Cynthia rushing inside to sit. They were all looking exhausted but Cynthia was joyful and smiles written all over her face.

Cynthia: Mummy!

Judith: Yes sweetie.

Cynthia: I really like the pastor and his family.

Judith: So do I dear.

Cynthia: But Chris isn’t just friendly at all.

Judith: (laughs) He is a big boy and big boys do form at times.

Cynthia: Big boy my foot. I like Briti personality more than his.

Samuel & Judith: So do we.

Samuel: But I think there’s something going between Chris and his dad.

Judith: You are right.

Samuel: Well, it’s not our issue to talk about. Let’s just say our prayers and go to bed. Tomorrow is Sunday.

Cynthia: Sure, I just can’t wait.



It was a medium size room for a typical boy of his type. A small library, reading table and a chair with lots of boy’s stuff one could think about.

Bright was moving left and right in his bed with him sweating and breathing hard as if someone was chasing him. Meanwhile, his eyes were closed and the movement kept increasing as his body vibrated in a strange form that made him invisible.

Bright: (shouting) Noooo…

(James & Jane came rushing down to Bright’s room)

Bright: Tell them to leave me alone.

Jane: Who are them?

Bright: Those people.

James: What people, I guess it’s a spiritual attack. Let’s pray about it.

Bright: (shaking) Okay dad.

James: In Jesus name……

Bright’s POV

Though the prayers, I was still not settled cause deep down inside I knew there was something greater than that of what I saw in my dream. I saw those same old men and women but this they were half naked with blood gushing out of their body and eyes with them screaming in pain. While they were screaming, I felt this rushing wine blowing through me, going in and out my body making me feel feverish but the feeling was nice to me and the view of those people weren’t such a good sight.

In me, I know there was something different going on my system. I’m changing and I could feel it but I don’t know what I was changing into and that thought of it makes me scared.

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