Super but Natural – Episode 3

James POV

I was walking straight, hoping to get help from someone. Everyone was busy having fun, I just couldn’t find the perfect person to seek help from. While wandering around, I felt the touch of someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned back looking worried. It was man, with a nice dark skin which he clothed with a white polo shirt, a well fitted blue jeans which brought out the shape of his nice curve legs and a leather sandals to covered it up. He was about my age or even older than me but the way he dressed made him look younger and main looking at him, one could tell that he was a well to do person.

Samuel: Sorry for scaring you like that.

James: (Feeling relaxed) It’s okay.

Samuel: I’ve been watching you from afar and it looks like you are been lost or looking for help.

James: I’m indeed lost and I need help badly..

Samuel: So, how may I help you?

James: Oh! Thank you sir. I and my family was transferred to this village and we have been finding it difficult to locate our place of stay.

Samuel: Okay! May I know why you were transferred here?

James: Oh! I forgot, I’m a pastor, of Jesus Our Saviour Ministry.

Samuel: (Surprised) JOSM!?

James: Yes!

Samuel: So, you are the pastor they gave us?

James: Us?

Samuel: Oh! So sorry for not introducing myself. I’m Elder Samuel, the senior elder of JOSM.

James: Thank goodness. I’m so happy to meet you. Please, I will like to know where the church is.

Samuel: Okay, just give me a second to go get my car.

James: Okay. Thanks once more..

Samuel: It’s nothing pastor cause it’s my job.

(He left in a hurry with him coming back with huge black jeep, I couldn’t believe my eyes. What on earth is he doing in this village?)

James: You are back?

Samuel: Yes pastor. Hop in, let’s go meet your family and then to the church.

James: Okay.

Chris POV

This village was a mess, the people here, everything is just total mess. I couldn’t believe myself leaving a life of luxury which I had right from when I was a little boy and now someone that calls himself a pastor, who I was told of was dad. Just came and took everything from me, he never loved me nor did he care about me, all he loves was his wife and their son.

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I never dreamed of living my life this way. He totally destroyed my life and looking at this horrible environment made me sick.

Not until when I saw a nice jeep approaching us, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This type of jeep in this remote village or maybe most of them aren’t that poor.

The jeep stopped right in front of us, it was hard to see who the driver was due to the dark window glass and I was very eager to meet the driver not until when my so-called dad hopped out of the car.

Chris: (In low tune) Gosh! Why me? Why must this man keep tormenting my life?

James: Hey guys!

Jane: Honey, who is that?(Samuel came down from his car, walking towards the James family)

James: (Smiling) This Elder Samuel, the senior elder the church we were been posted to.

Jane: Wow! Good evening sir.

Samuel: Good evening ma’am. How was your trip?

Jane: It was stressful..

Bright & Chris: Good evening sir.

Samuel: Evening boys..(To James) These are your sons?

James: Yes, that’s Christian(pointing Chris) my eldest son and Bright(pointing Bright) my last born and second child.

Samuel: That’s nice.(To Chris & Bright) Hope you guys are liking it here?

Bright: I guess so but something here is freaking me out.

Samuel: And what’s that?

Bright: I don’t know, I’m just freaked out.(everyone laughed except Chris)

Samuel: And you Christian?

Chris: To be frank, I hate here and also hate the fact that brought me here.

Samuel: Hmm! Don’t worry, you are gonna love this place in no matter of time.

Chris: I just hope so..

Samuel: OK! Where are your luggage, so I can help you guys in putting them in the boot?

James: Not to worry, we came with our own car.

Samuel: (Surprised) Your own car?

James: Yes and that’s the car.(pointing his car)

Samuel: That’s the car?

James: Yeah!

Samuel: This is unbelievable.

James: Why do you say that?

Samuel: Not to worry pastor, I will tell you everything later. Let’s get you and your family settled first.

James: Okay then you lead the way.

(We all hurried into our car. Following Elder Sam’s car at it’s back as we both drove off)


Both cars drove into the compound. The compound was a very large one, with two nice brick wall building which the larger one was the church and the other, clergy’s house.

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Everything there was beyond the James family, they never expected that the church could be this so large and beautiful.

Smiles was written in the James family faces with Chris, who had the best and long lasting smile.

Also, there was a car and some buses parked at a special garage.

Samuel: Here we are, JOSM Osa-Chi Branch. The only church in Osa-Chi.

Chris: Wow! It’s nice here.

Samuel: I told you, you gonna like it here.

James: Wow! How come? I thought…(cut short)

Samuel: I know what you are thinking pastor but let’s leave that for now till later.

James: OK. Can we go inside now?

Samuel: Wait a minute while I rush down to gatekeeper’s office to get the keys to your new apartment and the church.

James: OK.

(Samuel later came with the keys of both the apartment and the church and everyone walked straight to the apartment)


It was a mini mansion, so big but not that big. It’s sitting room was amazing and totally furnished with the best furniture money could buy. Everywhere was OK and nice, fit to accommodate 15 people.

James family: WOW!

Samuel: (Smiling) There’s your new apartment sir and I hope you will like it here?

James: We sure do. It’s lovely and beyond my imagination.

Jane: Me too.

Bright: Me three.

Samuel: Okay pastor, I’m glad you like it here. I will be off for now. I got to pick up my wife and daughter from the festival and also we will be coming here tonight. Me and my family and I’m sure some members will be coming also cause we were already told that you will be coming today but due to the festival, we weren’t able to prepare well for you and your family, sir.

James: Not to worry Elder Sam. May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Samuel: Amen!! Okay sir, I’m off now. Take care of yourself boys.(Leaving)

Bright: We will sir.

Chris: Speak for yourself only.(Sam left)

James: Okay family, let’s all go to the church and pray.

Chris: As in now?

Jane: Yes Chris, that has been the family’s tradition.

Chris: Your family.

James: Hmm! So, let go now.

Bright: Alright..


A woman and girl could been seen enjoying themselves as Samuel walked into their mist.

Cynthia: Dad, where have you been since. We’ve been looking for you all this while.

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Samuel: I’m so sorry cupcake for stressing you. I went to take our pastor and his family to their new apartment.

Judith: (In excitement) Our pastor is here.

Cynthia: (Sad) Same old boring pastors with tiny kids.

Samuel: (Laughed) Not this one C.y. He has two sons and I’m sure the younger one is at your age. The pastor is totally different from the ones that have been coming here. It’s kinda strange though. And guess what honey?

Judith: We will be visiting them tonight. So, let’s hurry home and get prepared to meet them.

Cynthia: (Excited) I can’t wait dad. Let’s go.(Dragging her dad’s hand)

Samuel: Wait a minute C.y., why is your body wet?

Cynthia: I don’t know ooh.. I was just walking on my own, then suddenly something pushed me and I found myself in this pool of water. You won’t believe it, if I told you that I spent minutes in that water feeling comfortable.

Samuel: (Chuckled) You are so funny dear..

Cynthia: I knew you won’t believe if I told you. I remained there until an elderly woman, who brought me out from the water, which I thank God for but what really got me freaked out was the words that came out of her mouth. There were so strange.

Samuel: (Smiling) And what did she say?

Cynthia: I can’t remember..

Samuel: Hmm! Let’s start going before another water come and take away this time.

Cynthia: I get it. You don’t believe me.

Samuel: I do sweetie.

Cynthia: No, you don’t.(She ran to the car)

Judith: Honey, you know our daughter don’t lie and you also know that she hates fake story.

Samuel: I know honey, it’s just that her story is too silly to be real.

Judith: Hmm! But don’t let her hear this. It could break her heart. You know she’s our only child.

Samuel: I swear I won’t honey.

Judith: Don’t swear, you are a Christian. I will report you to our new pastor.

Samuel: (Smiles) You aren’t serious.

Judith: I’m serious dear.

Samuel: Hmm! Let’s start heading home before you keep me here with your long lasting story.

Judith: Huh!

Samuel: Like mother and like daughter.

(Both chuckled)

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