Super but Natural – Episode 2


The atmosphere became calm with thereby passengers, who came to help the James family. Chris was still left unconscious with his body temperature raising from 37°C to 52.5°C and still counting.

Nobody could touch or hold him at moment as they kept pouring freeze water on his body.

Chris POV

In a dark cave filled with flashes of light. I could see myself standing at the mist of darkness, it was terrifying but somehow amazing. Later, I started hearing strange noise which scared the hell out of me.

Chris: (In fear) Hello! Is anybody there?

Strange Voice: (In a deep faint tone) Chosen! Chosen!! Chosen!!!

Chris: OMG! Where I’m? Is anybody there?

(The voice became more clearer and I felt a touch from a large hand which I responded quickly, turning to face my back)

In a matter of seconds, a strong lightening came with great speed and struck my chest.

Suddenly I woke, still inside car.

Chris: (In thought & patting) Thank God, it was a dream and a horrible one for that matter.(then water came splashing on my body)

Man: (Shouts) More water.

Chris: Hey! Hey! What’s this? Please stop before you drown me.

Bright: He’s alive dad.

Chris: (Rudely) Yes, I’m alive. Do I look dead to you?

James: (Excited) Oh! Thank you Jesus..

Chris: Please what’s going on here?

James: You were struck by lightning and your body temperature started increasing..

Chris: That can be true..

Jane: It’s the truth son.

Chris: Then where the lightning pass?

Bright: Through the window bro.

Chris: What window?

Bright: (Pointing at the left side window) Tha..(cut short) but..

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Chris: But what? All windows here are all fine or do you want to tell me that glass are now conductor of electricity? What type of school did you attend by the way?

James: That’s enough Chris..

Chris: I guess so cause I have nothing to say again.

James: (To the crowd) Thank you my brothers and sisters, I’m really grateful for the quick help you gave to my family and may the good Lord send helpers to you all in times of need.

Crowd: Ammen!

Man: Your car is perfectly OK. You can now start your journey.

James: Thank you my brother.

Man: But make sure you give this boy some proper home training.(pointing at Chris)

James: Yes, I will. Thank you once more.

Man: You are welcome.

(The crowd all left, in me I know I did something wrong but who cares)

Bright’s POV

I was so devastated by the way my own brother treated me. I couldn’t even speak, and with the way my brother treated, I knew right away that he doesn’t like me but I will try to make him like me and I promise myself that.

James: (In anger) Chris, what was that nonsense you did out there?

Chris: (Silent)

James: Am I not talking you?

Bright: It’s okay dad, I was the one at fault for telling a fake story.

James: Don’t cover up for him, we all saw what happened here and it was mysterious. Now..(cut short)

Jane: Honey, it’s okay. We will be late. Please start driving, when we get to our destination we can all talk about what happened here but first, let’s leave this road that almost killed us.

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James: Hmm! OK..(He started the engine)


The welcome board could be seen clearly with the words(Welcome to Osa-Chi) written boldly.

The place was amazing with lots of green grass and magnificent trees which stood by each side of the road. James drove gently on the rough and narrow road, heading towards the main village.

Bright: Dad, do you know where the church is?

James: No Bright, I’m just checking if I can see someone, so that I ask for directions.

Bright: OK!

(James kept on driving, looking around if he could see any houses or person)

Chris: What kind of village is this? So dead and stupid.

Jane: Wait a minute. Is that not a Hut?

Chris: (Shocked) Hut?

Jane: Yes. Take a look honey, at that place.

James: (In excitement) Oh! I see it. Let’s keep going forward, maybe we will get to see someone there.

(James drove forward, and as he drove forward they kept seeing huts of different sizes and texture but no sign of life was noticed)

Chris: What’s this naa! I hope the house we going to isn’t a mud house cause I won’t live there.

James: You are talking of house when we haven’t seen anyone around here. I don’t know what is actually going on here.

(James stopped the car and everyone started looking around in search of someone)

Bright: Wait a minute. I think I heard voices.

James: What voices?

Bright: Like people singing.

James: (Trying hard to listen to the voices) I can’t hear any thing..

Jane: Me neither.

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Chris: (Chuckled) I won’t laugh. Something that is very loud and clear, you guys can’t even hear it.

James: Like seriously, we can’t.

Chris: This is serious, they are singing some kind of ancient songs.

Bright: Yeah!

Chris: It’s like a feast or festival is been conducted down the road.

Jane Honey, first thing tomorrow morning, we are seeing the doctor.

James: Yes dear, we need to.(he started and drove down)



There was this large group of people, with most them singing, dancing and making merriment. It was indeed a festival as Chris earlier predicted.

The James Family all came down from the car walking towards the main event.

James: You all should all stay here while I go look for someone to tell us where the church is.

Jane: Okay honey, we will be waiting.

Bright’s POV

I kept looking around, it was a great sight to behold, my eyes met some elderly men and women and they all smiled at me muttering some words(welcome) that I only could hear loudly and also they were somehow bowing down for me. I felt scared instantly seeing them bowed for me. It was as if they had been waiting for me for century. I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I turned quickly away from their direction. At that moment, my body system wasn’t as it use to be. I seriously couldn’t figure out anything from what just happened but I’m sure convinced that something big is gonna take place soon. I don’t really know, maybe now or in the future. I just pray it doesn’t get dirty.

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