Super but Natural – Episode 1


It was a busy morning for the James family. The whole house was noises and full with people. Members from Jesus Our Saviour Ministry all came to the Clergy House to help their pastor pack. It was the last day for them to finally say farewell to him.

James was busy packing some books into his suitcase when he realized something.

James: (Shouting) Bright! Bright!! Bright!!!

With no respond from Bright, he walked to meet John.

James: Brother John have you see Bright today.

John: Yes pastor.

James: And do you know where he is now?

John: Not sure but I saw him going outside the moment I came here.

James: Okay, thanks.

James left John presence, heading outside to check if Bright was there. Luckily for him, he meet James outside sitting on the field in a sad mood. Then he approached him.

James: Bright!

Bright: Yes dad.

James: What’s the problem?

Bright: Problem. There’s no problem.

James: Okay, then why are you sitting here in a sad mood. You are supposed to helping out in packing and also packing your things.

Bright: I don’t think I’m going anywhere dad.

James: Did I heard you right?

Bright: Yes dad, I want to stay here.

James: Okay, where will you be staying at we are gone?

Bright: I can be living with the new pastor which was posted here.

James: That’s good a thinking.

Bright: (Smiling)

James: But you are coming with us and we will are leaving here as a family.

Bright: (Sad) But.. *cut short*

James: No but.

Bright: Dad you don’t understand.

James: Understand what by the way son.

Bright: I’m tired of moving from one place to another. Leaving my friends behind and also making new friends which I know for sure won’t last cause after four years we out of that place.

James: Hmm! That’s it. But it is God’s work we are doing.

Bright: Dad you are the pastor and it’s your work and not me and mom. Mom can go with you cause she is your wife and life partner but I’m just your son. I can stay in a boarding school if you will let me but I know for sure that you won’t cause you dislike boarding school.

James: I know how you feel Bright, leaving your friends behind, starting a new life in a strange place, getting use to it and then leaving again but we all are family and family, they all stick together. So, that’s why I’m taking your elder brother along. He will be coming here so that we can all leave together.

Bright: (Surprised) Wait a minute dad, you mean Christian is coming here.

James: Yes, me and your mom talked about it and concluded that it would be nice for him come live with his family cause it’s be long since he left to stay with his Aunt in Abuja after his mother died.

Bright: Forget the long story dad, why didn’t tell me all this while?

James: Me and your mom wanted to make it a surprise for you but since you said you want to stay, I had no choice than to tell you. So, I guess Chris is the only son coming with us to Osa-Chi.

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Bright: Huh! Which only son? I’m coming too. Let me hurry and get my things ready before he comes.(Bright ran inside)

James: (Sighed) Thank God I made this choice.

Bright’s POV

I ran inside with great happiness. Hearing from my dad that my elder brother was going to live with us really made my day. I had always wanted a big brother and when I heard that I had one, I started thinking of the day to meet in person and that day has come. Chris was actually my step-brother, his mom died due to cancer when he was 1 and my dad couldn’t take care of him well because of his pastoral work. So, my aunt took him and he has been with her all those while till my dad married my mom a year later and after a year and some months, I came to this world.

I’m just 14 year old and I’m sure he will be 17 by now.


Everywhere was calm and beautiful. It was nice and big house owned by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen. One would know immediately that the house belongs to rich man. Mr. Stephen who was a Petroleum Engineer and senior staff in one of the biggest oil company, SHELL.

Normally, he doesn’t stay home everytime due his job. He works offshore. So, it was just Chris, their house help, gatekeeper, driver and his pregnant wife, Bella, living in the big mansion.

Chris could be spotted watching TV in the sitting room. Bella with her heavy pregnancy came walking down from the stairs.

Bella: (Surprised) Chris!

Chris: Yes aunt..(eyes on the TV)

Bella: Aren’t you supposed to be packing your things cause me and you know vividly that you will be going to meet with your family.

Chris: Meet my family? I don’t think so. I’m not going to that man and his wicked wife’s house.

Bella: (Angry) You are referring to your dad and step-mom as that man and wicked wife. Hmm! Where is your training that I gave to you cause I know I never trained you to disrespect your elders not to talk of disrespecting your parents.

Chris: Aunt, you won’t understand.

Bella: Understand what Christian.

Chris: My dad doesn’t want me in his life after all he got another son. So what use will I be to him?

Bella: Then why did he told you yesterday to come stay with them at his new station?

Chris: Osa-Chi, right? A remote village. All those while he was living in the city, being transferred from one big church to another, he didn’t remember that he had another son. Now, he is been transferred to a village, a remote one for that matter and he wants me to leave my current life in the city to live with him in the village. And again, I’m in SS3 and would be writing WAEC any moment for now, and I can’t risk leaving my school to start a new school in the village.

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Bella: That’s enough Chris. Go inside and start packing your things, we are leaving for Lagos by 3p.m. and it’s 10:30a.m. now, so we got 4hours to be in the airport or we will miss our flight.

Chris: (Shocked) Aunt are you sending me away to live with that man and his wife that never wanted my dad to bring me home. I know my step-mom was behind the reason why my dad never wanted me cause if not my dad would have come to take me home a long time.

Bella: No, she was wasn’t, I was.

Chris: How?

Bella: When your dad married your step-mom, she wanted to take you so that you three can all live together but I declined.

Chris: Why?

Bella: I was too selfish to give you to her, I took you as my son and by that time I wasn’t having a child and letting you go was impossible.

Chris: Okay, I get you. Now you are pregnant and expecting a baby, so it easy for you to let me go. Thanks, I’m off to my room to start packing. I’m not sure my life will be OK once you deliver your child cause I will be a pest by that time.

Bella: No, it’s not like that, don’t think that way..(about holding Chris hand)

Chris: Let go of me…(walking upstairs)

Bella: (Crying) Chris, I didn’t mean it that way.

Chris: Stop crying cause it’s not good for your health and if anything happens to the baby which won’t happen, I will never stay as a replacement.

3hours past and Chris was set to leave.

Bella: (In a sad tone) Chris!

Chris: Please aunt, don’t spoil my mood.

Bella: (About crying) Okay, let’s go.

Chris POV

I was about opening the door when the opened with our house help who stood still with shock when seeing me. I too was shocked seeing her at this moment.

I’ve been nursing this feeling for her right from the day she came working in our house. She was an orphan who was living with her grandma and who is no more. To cut the long story short, my uncle took her in. She was an intelligent and beautiful girl who happens to be in the same class with me.

What really made me happy was when my uncle put her in the same class with me and from that day, we’ve been going and coming back from school today. We became friends at that, living in the big mansion, playing and working together.

I’m really gonna miss her.

Joy: Chris! Why are you with your luggage? Are you traveling by this time cause we just have 3days left before our school resume.

Chris: (Stammering) I..I.. *cut short*

Bella: Chris is traveling to meet his parents and he will be living there.

Joy: (Tears dropping from her eyes) Chris, you are leaving us.

Chris: (Sad) I think so but don’t worry I will be coming here for some time.

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Joy: (Crying) I’m really going to miss you.

Chris: (About crying) Me too.(I drew her close to chest for a hug as she cried)

Bella: Chris, we need to be going now.

Chris: OK.(I let go off her) I need to start going Joy.

Joy: (Wiping the tears from her with the back of her hand) Can I carry your luggage?

Chris: Sure!(I handed it to her)

We started walking outside, with me and Joy holding hands, heading to the car parked outside. Then I took her from my luggage and put it the boot.

When I turned my back, Joy rushed to me giving a kiss that lasted for 30seconds.

Joy: I love you Chris and I’m sorry for saying this now and I don’t think I can ever love someone like you. My life will…*cut short*

Chris: (I kissed her again) I love you too and I always do and also don’t forget, I’m will be coming back for you. Please would you wait for me?

Joy: Yes, I will.(we hugged each other)

Bella: Chris, we are late.

Chris: I got to go. Hope you still have my phone number?

Joy: Yes I do.

Chris: I will be calling you. Goodbye Joy.

Joy: (Crying) Goodbye Chris.

(I rushed into the car then the driver drove off)

Bella: I know you guys love each other.

Chris: Aunt, please let’s not talk about this for now. I got lots on my head.


Everything was all set and everyone was seated, wanting for Chris and then a loud noise from the door bell.

Bright rush to door the to see who was that.

Bright: (Surprised) Aunt Bella!

Bella: Hello Bright.

Bright: Good evening ma.

Bella: Evening dear. How are you doing?

Bright: I’m doing great. Where is Chris?

Bella: He is coming.(Looking back) Here he comes.

James: Bright, let your aunt come inside first.

Bright: Oh! Sorry aunt.

Bella: (Smiles) No problem.

Bright: (To Chris) Good evening.

Chris: Evening..(Heading inside)

Jane: How is the baby doing?

Bella: She is doing fine.

James: She or he?

Bella: (With seriousness) It’s a she and I want a girl.(everyone laughed) Chris, you haven’t greeting your dad and mom.

Chris: Step-mom aunt. Good evening all.

Jane: Evening Chris. How was your flight.

Chris: Terrible… Aren’t we going now cause I don’t have the strength for talking.

James: Oh! We are. Bella will you..*cut short*

Bella: Don’t worry about me, I will be leaving by the next flight back to Abuja.

James: Let’s start moving.(Everyone was outside) John, here is the keys. The new pastor will be coming tomorrow, make sure you are here on time.

John: Okay pastor, I will.

Members: Bye bye daddy…

The James family all went inside his car and off they are, to Osa-Chi.

While driving along the road with about an hour past and few distance away from Osa-Chi, a strange wind came blowing round the car with lightening attached to it.

It was a horrible event, then James had to stopped the car and within few seconds a strong wind blew into car with lightening which struck Chris and he fainted.

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