Armed Youths Destroying Military Vehicle During Riot In Jos

Here is a picture showing how angry youths attacked and destroyed a military vehicle in Jos, Plateau State, during the bloody clashes that engulfed the city on Friday morning after the news of the death of 11 people in their homes Rukuba highway Thursday
According to reports, the assailants attacked the house of a popular woman in the Rukuba area hotel called Mama-Kogi around 9:00 pm, killing her and her family members identified as Blessing, Ruth, Jonathan and Cynthia Majesty. According to reports, other people in the neighborhood, including a pregnant woman, were killed in the attack.
Violent protests against the killings have overwhelmed Rukuba and spread to Gada-biu, where two people were killed and a police station burned down. In addition, it was said that a person had been killed in Akpata.
Other areas affected by the chaos were Ola Hospital Junction, Katako and Polo Roundabouts, where a Hilux military van was burned.
In a quick reaction, the state government of the plateau has imposed a curfew from dusk to dawn throughout the city. Protesters complained that security personnel did not appear during the four hours that the attackers unleashed chaos in the area.

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