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“I Live For My Instagram Comments And Likes” – Tonto Dikeh Complains After Instagram Made Some Changes That Didn’t Favour Her

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Instagram recently made some changes which made Tonto Dikeh lose some of her followers and she took to the platform to address the issue.

The actress said the loss of her followers affects her and she needs her followers back.

She also revealed that she has a reason for following certain people and she doesn’t approve of Instagram making her lose those people.

She wrote:

Plus I was 10person shy away from making 3.9following as at yesterday but today that has changed drastically!!

Gimme back my followers, if others wldnt say I will (WE LIVE FOR OUR FOLLOWING)

Instagram has become such a huge part of My life(And yours too but I know you will prefer to argue with your elders), I live for My comments and my Likes and Everything that comes with it..

Sometimes when times fall apart in my life, All I do is pray and come to instagram to stay happy with different varieties of Talents and stupidity!!

I learn a lot here!!

Instagram has become a culture and we live for the culture!!


So in this digital culture I belong to, Our/MY Followings,likes & comment is all I live for and it kills me to have that messed with..???????


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